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  1. Design and in-vitro evaluation of colon targeted oral matrix tablets of mesalamineDownload Article

    Srivani Mallepalli, Dr.N.Sriram, Ch.Madhava Reddy, A.Priyadarshni Gandham



    Colon specific drug delivery has gained increased importance not just for the delivery of drugs for the treatment of local diseases associated with the colon but also as potential site for the systemic delivery of therapeutic peptide and proteins. Mesalamine is an anti-inflammatory agent mainly used in treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. The colon targeted matrix tablets containing HPMC, Xanthumgum, Ethyl cellulose and Cellulose acetate pthalate as polymers were prepared by wet granulation method. Lactose was used as a diluents and mixture of Talc and Magnesium stearate (1:1) was used as a Glidant and Lubricant respectively. Accurate quantity of drug and all ingredients were weighed according to formula and mixed well except Magnesium stearate and Talc. Accurately weighed 550 mg granules were fed manually in to 16 stations Cadmach tablet compression machine and compressed with 14 mm flat faced punches. The dissolution study of CT2 Matrix tablet containing Guar gum and Xantham gum was concluded the best formulation among other formulations, which showing the most desired drug release which is considered as optimized formulation. This retardant capacity is more in CT2 as compared to CT1. Formulation CT2 showed the highest swelling index. This may be due to the increased viscosity of the Xanthumgum in presence of HPMC than the HPMC alone and HPMC in combination with Ethyl cellulose and cellulose acetate pthalate. Out of the eight formulations, it appears that CT2 has the maximum potential in providing colon targeted drug delivery.