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Mitochondrian of the cells play a vital role in the production of energy at cellular level which is essential for the survival of a cell. CoQ10 is one of the coenzyme in the electron transport chain in the inner mitochondrial membrane where oxidative phosphorylation occurs for the production of ATP from the reducing equivalents such as NADPH2, FADH2, etc. Besides, CoQ10 works as an antioxidant, protecting lipids and other cell components from oxidation. Thus, it is a particularly promising cardio protective agent. Apart from this there are so many functions of CoQ10 which are vital for the sustenance of life. When cells age, mitochondrial CoQ10 levels decrease. But dietary supplementation has been shown to help, maintain energy production and aid persons against disorders of CoQ10 deficiency disorders. This review gives an overview of functions of the CoQ10, reports related to consumption versus alleviation of diseases and its importance of dietary supplement in nowadays life.


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