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A couple is considered infertile if they are unable to get pregnant for more than one year. About one third of infertility cases are attributed to the man. In fertility is caused by many different factors, including irregular development of the testicles, low mobility of the sperm, irregular growth of veins around the testicles, and lack of sperm development among others. In 2010, an estimated 48.5 million couples worldwide were infertile according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Infertility is defined as the inability of a sexually active, non-contracepting couple to achieve spontaneous pregnancy within one year. Other surveys have shown that 15% of couples do not achieve pregnancy within one year and seek medical treatment for infertility. Eventually close to 5% will remain unwillingly childless. One in eight couples encounters problems when attempting to conceive a first child and one in six when attempting to conceive a subsequent child. Astashine silver capsules have most widely studied for enhancing sperm health. Recently, clinical trials have been conducted to learn the relationship between astashine silver capsules and sperm health. Several studies shown that Astaxanthin & L-Carnitine combination, is supportive  of sperm health and in particular sperm count, concentration & motility. Based on these facts A Super Antioxidant ASTASHINE SILVER Capsules has been Developed by R&D Centre, Lactonova Nutripharm (P) Ltd, HYDERABAD. The present paper Reviews the Role of ASTASHINE SILVER CAPSULES in male fertility.


Astashine silver capsules Sperm count Concentration & motility

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