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Mono or multi nuclear materials embedded in spherical coating matrix are called microspheres. Microspheres are solid, approximately spherical particles ranging in size from 1µm to 1000µm.These are made of polymeric, waxy or other protective materials, that are biodegradable synthetic polymers and modified natural products such as starches, gums, proteins fats, and waxes. Microencapsulation developed for use in medicine consists of solid or liquid core material containing one or more drugs enclosed in coating material. The core may also be referred as nucleus and the coating as wall or sheet. Depending upon manufacturing process various types of products are obtained in microencapsulation.These products are

  • Microcapsules – mono or multinuclear material enclosed by a coat or membrane are called as

  • Microspheres – mono or multinuclear material embedded in spherical coating matrix are called


Microspheres Microencapsulation Microcapsules Biodegradable polymers

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