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Observational studies are a significant type of research. Randomized controlled trials are not always necessary or ethical to answer some investigative problems in plastic surgery. Observational studies, on the other hand, may be the next best way for answering these types of questions. The outcomes of well-designed observational studies have been proven to be comparable to those of randomized controlled trials, debating the notion that observational studies are inferior. Cohort studies, Case control studies and case-control studies are three common types of observational studies used to assess disease-exposure relationships. In medical research, where feasibility and ethics are critical, observational studies are useful. The many forms of observational studies each have their own set of strengths and limitations, and a thorough grasp of these is essential for their execution and interpretation. This review comprises basic information about Cohort studies, Case control studies and case-control studies.


Cohort studies, Case control studies, Observational studies, and randomized controlled trials

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