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Guaifenesin is a drug of choice for treating common cold, chronic bronchitis.  The  prepared  nano  capsules  of Guaifenesin  aim  to  deliver  the  drug  which  passes through oral route as it provides controlled release of drug when compared to other route of administration.  The Guaifenesin nano capsules was successfully prepared by using nanoprecipitation method by taking F01to F05 formulation by using different concentration of polymer ratio. And as a polymer Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose is used and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as a stabilizer.  The prepared formulations of nanocapsules were evaluated for various parameters.  Guaifenesin in 1:5 (F05) shows better particle shape and size, SEM study of prepared nanocapsules were within the range of (1-1000µm). There is no drug excipients interactions in FTIR and DSC. FTIR results shows peaks at 3244 cm-1, 1455cm-1, 1376cm-1 and 1594cm-1The physical mixture on the other hand shows peaks at 3421cm-1, 1440cm-1, 1371cm-1, 1564cm-1. Thus, it is concluded that the physical mixture of the drug (Guaifenesin) does not show any major interactions with the formulation components like (HPMC, Sorbitan monostearate and PVA). This indicates that drug was compatible with the excipients.  In DSC Results The pure Guaifenesin shows a sharp endothermic peak at 300ºC and some similar changes occurs in endothermic peak were observed at similar temperature in prepared formulations at 250.2ºC. Thus, it is concluded that there no drug excipients interactions. The formulation of F05 showed good particle size with good spherical shape and uniformly distributed without any lumps. The percent drug content was found to be in 8hrs showed anomalous mode of drug release, in F05 formulations.


Guaifenesin, Nanocapsule, nanoparticles, common cold, chronic bronchitis.

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