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A condition in which aberrant cells divide uncontrolled and cause tissue destruction. When this reproduction mechanism becomes uncontrolled, cancer develops. To put another way, cancer is a condition marked by uncontrolled, disorganised and unwelcome cell division. Cancer cells divide continuously and expand throughout their lives, duplicating into more and more dangerous cells. Over 50% of all malignancies can be avoided. Cells in breast grow uncontrollably which causes breast cancer, it may occur in different parts of breast. There are three main parts in breast namely: lobules, ducts, and connective tissue. Milk is produced by the lobules, this milk is carried to nipple with the help of ducts and finally connective tissue bound up and holds together. Here the formation of cancer takes place in the ducts and lobules. Breast cancer may expand outside the breast in between blood vessels and lymph vessels. If this get spread to other parts of body then it is called as metastasis. 12% of cancer occurs in the women with 20-33 years. Now-a-days survival from breast cancer has increased significantly, treatment effects and impact on life quality became important. Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed after the skin cancer. It is seen in both men and women but most commonly observed in women. In very rare cases in men also breast cancer is developed, nearly 2500 men have male breast cancer. In transgender women also this breast cancer is observed and it is more likely to develop in them when compared to cisgender men, like vice-versa, transgender men are less effective to breast cancer when compared to cisgender women.  Approximately 1 in 8 women are found with breast cancer in their life time. If it is detected in early stages then there is a good chance of recovery.   Normally cancer is not detected at starting stages in many cases, so frequent health check-up may help an individual to know the body condition. Mammogram helps in the early and easy detection of this breast cancer. Tumours should be detected and the concern medication should be taken by consulting the specialised oncologist. This article provides quick overview of breast cancer


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